About Richmond Pipeline Rollers & Custom Engineering

RICHMOND is the industry leader in heavy duty wheel and roller design, manufacturing products for all industries. With a history of providing the best solutions for many projects around the globe, Richmond takes pride in it's ability to conceive and deliver high performance products for the pipeline and mining industries throughout the world. Richmond also custom manufactures wheel and roller products to ensure reliable operation of machines and equipment in Pipeline Construction and Mining operations.

All Pipeline Rollers and Drive Wheels have been designed by Richmond engineers to provide the ultimate solution for each unique project. Richmond also utilizes cutting edge CAD software, CNC machinery and the latest Chemical technology, ensuring the safety of mining operations above or below ground. Static Electricity and other influences are controlled with the use of FRAS (fire resistant anti-static) additives allowing for machines and equipment to be used safely under the most extreme circumstances and environments.

Richmond Wheel and Castor Co has employed our design and manufacturing excellence to provide the Australian Pipeline Industry with complete engineering solutions for vastly challenging pipeline projects, from design to manufacture in water, energy and resource industries.

Richmond is the recognised market leader in the polyurethane pipe rollers and custom polyurethane mouldings. Our pipe rollers, pipe supports and pipe systems help ensure that any design or installation is achieved safely. While predominantly manufactured in various polyurethane hardness, steel or nylon, pipe rollers can be manufactured from a variety of other materials to suit specific pipe diameters, capacities and the most arduous environmental conditions.

A state of the art in-house polyurethane plant, including multiple polyurethane machines and ovens allows for tonnes of material to be processed every day with the highest standard mix and air-free consistency. The flexibility not only to produce product tooling in-house, Richmond has machines to pour different materials at the same time clearly separating Richmond as a market leader in this field.

Further entrenching our position in the pipeline industry, Richmond offers extensive expertise in all applications of wheel-making for industry including: drive wheels, guide rollers or complete turnkey solutions. Additional pipe rolling services include custom design, prototyping, testing, manufacture and direct access to onsite engineers.

Call Richmond now to discuss a solution to suit your infrastructure project or specialised roller requirements. Richmond can design and manufacture a complete solution to suit projects of any size or volume. If you would like more information regarding pipe roller manufacture please click on this link and watch the video or call Richmond on 1300 474 246 to discuss a pipeline roller product to suit your requirements.